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PKMtricept’s business model is based on working with recognized Agents and Integrators. PKMtricept does not sell directly new installations to final customers. However, final customers can contact us looking for recommendation for a solution using Tricept. We always want to make sure that our final customers using Tricept robots will always have the best support from PKMtricept and from our Agents and Integrators. That is why we select very carefully the companies that can offer Tricept products to their customers. To become a recognized integrator for Tricept products it is necessary to show proven experience in machine design and a good knowledge and previous work in installation automation. If you think you can qualify and you think that Tricept can benefit you and your customers we invite you to contact us for further talks.

INTEGRATORS. Once a company becomes a Tricept integrator, it benefits from a number of privileges. Once PKMtricept accepts a company as a Tricept integrator, a cooperation agreement is signed between both parts. Under this agreement PKMtricept will work together with the integrator and will share information about Patents, Product Specifications, Drawings, Manufacturing, R&D and Service. PKMtricept will also train the new integrator in the use of the new tricept product: Machine design for Tricept, work envelopes, installation details, spindle selection, part servicing, robot calibration, programming, and so on. PKMtricept can also help in some cases about the integration of some additional modules around the tricept: ATC, Bloom, Spindle, support structures, and so on. Integrator can also benefit from this agreement in having access to customers willing to use our technology and willing us to recommend an integrator to do it. PKMtricept will always prioritize our integrators for such businesses. PKMtricept is always open for welcoming new integrators to our world network, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

AGENTS. PKMtricept SL is also looking for new recognized Agents around the world. The commercial activity of these agents has to be directed to get new businesses in the Agent’s country and maybe in a number of different applications. Agents will benefit from the agreement with PKMtricept in having a direct support both technical and commercial from us. We can work together in the visit and definition of a final product with final customers or other possible integrators. If you feel like representing tricept in your country, or you think it could be a solution for the application you work in, we invite you to contact us for further agreements.

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