Structural Machining Railroad


    Structural Machining Railroad is another successful application for applying the flexibility the tricept technology has to offer. The most interesting application so far for tricept comes together with its installation in a bigger Gantry Machine. Integrator Loxin 2002 has a lot of experience using tricept together with their Gantry Machines.

    Gantry Machine Loxin

    The Gantry machine together with the Tricept technology is the best solution for the machining of long panels for wagon structures both on aluminium and steel. Another interesting application for this configuration is Friction Stir Welding, where the tricept machine stiffness can make the welding of the long panels in aluminium possible. In this case it can also be configured as a dual machine solution. The same Gantry - tricept configuration can be used for machining the panels and, at the same time, changing the tool end, convert it to a Friction Stir Welding Machine for welding together these panels.

    Two types of tricept machines have been installed in these Gantry Machines: the tricept T805 and the tricept T9000. Both of them at ALSTOM Barcelona (Spain) -2 complete systems- and La Rochelle (France) -1 system-.

    Gantry scheme