Structural Machining Automotive


    Structural Machining Automotive is one of the big applications where tricept products have been installed successfully and with a very high reliability and performance. Customers such us ALCOA, HYDRO, GM, BMW and DANA have applications where the tricept is the main core product that provides the flexibility the customer demands.


    Structures that are machined using tricept technology range from axle carriers to bumpers, passing through main body frames (e.g. Corvette at DANA's), Wind shield frames and side rails.


    Different tricept models can be used for these applications. The tricept T60X family is adequate where flexibility together with light machining are necessary, but still maintaining the necessary stiffness that articulated robots cannot offer. On the other hand, the tricept T805 is the killer where bigger forces and accuracies are required, together with its bigger work envelope. The tricept T805 usualy is offered in these applications together with the supporting structure (MES), automatic tool changer, rotary table, and so on. In some cases, both families can work together to offer the most cost and time effective solution to the customer.


    Tricept T805 with 2 T605 modules