Powertrain Machining


    Automotive Power Train machining has been successfully installed in some applications of the PSA group, where the systems are working for machining engine blocks and cylinder heads. In these systems the tricept T605 family and the tricept T805 modules are used with very good performance.


    The new tricept T9000 could also be a good option for this type of applications due to the highest stiffness and due to the fact that it was designed to deal with higher cutting forces. In the photo in the head of this page it can be seen a number of tricepts working cooperatively in the same feeding line. The benefit of such an installation is flexibility availability of the system, reduced time downs of the total system. In this installation, if any of the units is down for whatever reason, the others can follow working without stopping the line. Therefore no total production stops are to be feared.

    To see a video of this type of application, please follow this link.