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PKMtricept SL offers our customers the possibility to buy SPARE PARTS for their TRICEPT modules.

SPARE PARTS are availabe for the following supported TRICEPT modules: T60X family.    T600 with COMAU controller (6 axis)   T605 with Siemens 840D controller (5 axis)   T606 - former ABB IRB 940- with ABB controller (6 axes) T80X family (5 or 6 axis option available)   T805 (any version) with Siemens 840D controller T9000 family (5 axis)   T9000 v3 with Siemens 840D controller   T9000 v4 with Siemens 840D controller.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information about SPARE PARTS pricing and availability.

PKMtricept's Team is also configured for TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE at customer's premises.  We can help you with electromechanical assembly / disassembly, calibration or configuration works. Please, contact us for availability and more information.

Got TRICEPT parts to REPARE? Please, contact us or send your parts to us for a quotation on the REPARATION or UPGRADE of your old or worn out parts.

Looking for TRAINING or HANDS ON on TRICEPT? We can provide you with training at your installation or at our premises with ready to use TRICEPT modules to carry out your MECHANICAL, SERVICE OR CALIBRATION TRAINING.

PKMtricept also offers to our customers our services on CUSTOMIZED ENGINEERING, SIMULATION or TEST MACHINES (where we can show you the machining ability if the TRICEPT modules) for new projects.

Any other request regarding TRICEPT machines. You can reach us at our contact numbers or email shown in our webpage.