PKMtricept SL at BIEMH'08 Show

Machine Tool fair in Bilbao, Spain, 2008. PKMtricept SL shows a dual machine based on a tricept T9000 module.

The machine is showing 3D laser cutting capabilities, cutting different figures over a cilindrical steel part with a Rofin Nd-Yag laser. The machine is also equiped with an electrospindle. In this configuration the machine can be used as a CNC machine tool center for drilling or milling, or as a 3D laser cutting machine.

Tricept T9000 is designed to mill hard materials such us titanium and/or stainless steel. It has very high stiffness while maintaining the flexibility installation of tricept machines.

Tricept T805 moving

Tricept T805 moving. This configurations permits to use the tricept as a machine tool robot for accurate machining. Tricept robots are much more accurate than articulated robots while being much more flexible than standard machine tools.

Tricept T805 machining, showing tricept dynamics

Here the tricept T805 is showed machining small holes with a very high dynamics. Tricept T805 is optimum for high speed machining of aluminum parts.

Tricept T9000 Steel mach. @ diff. depths

Tricept T9000 machine set up to machine steel at 14 mm diameter full mill, with different depths.

Mill diameter is 14 mm (4 edges), spindle speed is 3000 rpm and tool speed is 590 mm/min. First, second and third passes are set ut at 6 mm, 10 mm and 14 mm depth cut. This test was set up to test machining quality at different depth cuts. At the end of the video the rugosity is measured in the third pass.

Tricept T9000 is the most powerful parallel kinematic machine (PKM) designed specifically to machine hard metals (steel and titanium) while maintaining a very high grade of installation flexibility.

Tricept T9000 machining steel

Tricept T9000 machine is set up here to machine steel. Mill diameter is 14 mm (4 edges), spindle speed is 3000 rpm and tool speed is 590 mm/min. Depth and radial cut are 6 mm thick both, as requested by the customer.

In this configuration T9000 is assembled over a Gantry, but in this test only the tricept is moving.

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